What if you could create an army of domestic violence advocates?

   We provide your staff with consulting & training services to aid in developing a proactive domestic violence response plan 

Make Your Workplace A Safe Space

Community Values



We will, at all times C.A.R.E for the people and organizations within the communities that we serve.   


In order to establish a foundation for transparency and trust to be built everyone involved must know that the information that they disclose will be held  in the strictest confidence. Our Consultants and Organizations will never release details of any personally identifiable nature without written authorization to do so. 


The battle against domestic violence will not be fought or won alone. It takes everyone doing their part to begin to alter the landscape and establish necessary dialog and action on the subject. 


At all times, everyone involved in the process will give and in turn expect to receive respect. Judgment and ridicule have no place in the educational or healing process. 


 They key to understanding and application of change is education. Education is paramount to developing applicable protocols and proactive strategies. We first must educate before we can successfully elicit change.  This commitment to Core value is the guiding principal in all that we do without exception!

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