My Why

Marci Batiste

In 2012 After investing nearly 30 years in Corporate America as an Executive Leader, Manager, Trainer, and six figure earner I found myself being pinned to the floor by a man who I thought loved me. there is one universal principal that I learned. “With ownership comes clarity, with clarity comes order, and with order comes success.”

Simply put, for you to fully engage in business and achieve success, your life and relationships must also be in alignment. Each one is like a piece to a puzzle, for the picture to be complete all the pieces must be in the right place. Many people have all the pieces to create a better life they just don’t know how to assemble them to bring the vision to reality. This becomes ever apparent for career professionals who find themselves in a season of transition. Having established professional success, but left feeling trapped by their success, lacking personal fulfillment. Your investment in personal development will give you the tools to pull the pieces together. You will enrich your personal foundation and empower your professional position.

Since starting my coaching company almost a decade ago it has been my mission to support career professionals who are ready to Raise the Bar and take ownership for their life, relationships and business. Whether this means climbing the corporate ladder, becoming an entrepreneur or writing that book they’ve been longing to write. I help my clients gain the clarity to get over their stumbling blocks. Together we create a customized blueprint so that they can SPARK their life, IGNITE their relationships and EMPOWER their business to create the custom fitted life they have always imagined.

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As a  former survivor, turned champion of domestic violence I created Braav Educational Foundation as a way to ensure that there are resources readily available and  survivors are educated about how to access them.  I am committed to saving others from the feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment that I experienced upon returning to work after my own domestic violence assault. I recognize that it was no ones' fault, but not unlike myself,  my peers and management team were also at a loss for what to do or say. So I decided to do something about it. My goal is to train people to be comfortable being uncomfortable so they can have those candid conversations and lives will be saved as a result!  

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